Building Ventures to Shape the Future of Automation Technology

Over the past few years, we’ve been faced with the reality that the world as we know is changing. Whether it’s a shifting workforce dynamic, rising material costs and increased regulations or reframing business to a global mindset.

We acknowledge that growth and evolution are the status quo, and standing still is simply not an option.

We took it upon ourselves to look to the future and imagine what our actions today may affect as we go about our daily lives. It is in our nature to question our decisions, our thought process, and to reconsider what our “normal” is in the pursuit of greater, better ideas.

With that in mind, we are moving forward as venture builders, automation innovators, as Vebu Labs.

This new iteration of our operation is focused on many of the same things that Wavemaker Labs has grown to be known for, but with the added intention of focusing on the food supply chain, automation innovation, and improving access to quality food for everyone.

At our core, we are venture builders

We’ve always been a lab, we’ve always been builders. Whether that is big, broad sweeping changes to markets and industries ripe for change, or in smaller, intentional changes to problems we face, we’re here to build, and we do so with ventures and partners that have the same values that we do.

What does this mean for our operations & partners?

In a word, nothing. We are still the powerhouse of engineering, tech, and expertise that has propelled Wavemaker Labs to the status that we have today, but are refocusing ourselves in what we say, how we say it, and the core focus of our team.

Though we’ve always been driven to build better, we are clear that our focus needs to be on automating the food supply chain and improving access across the board, whether that is through true partnership with technology and automation, intentional design with our brands and products, or by leveraging our tech stack to drive better options for the future.

To us, our brand is the overarching principle that guides our daily life. It is the spoken truth that informs all of the unspoken actions and activities that connect us as a team, to each other, to our partners, and to our overall purpose. Our intention, our purpose, is at the forefront of our minds at each step and is why we can feel confident we are all rowing this ship in the same direction.

What is our purpose?

We are here to Found, Fund, and Scale transformative ventures to enable better food production. This is true and prevalent throughout our work, but what does that mean on a daily, get out of bed in the morning, level?

Our operation is built on the development of a future that makes humanity more effective, that leverages technology in a way that is iterative and constructive, and that cooperates unselfishly to build what benefits the largest proportion of the world. We know the future of food is bright, and we are Venture Builders working to make that future a reality.

Welcome to the new
vebu labs.

Welcome to the
new vebu labs.

Vebu Labs located at 1661 E. Franklin Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245