Modernizing airports with Autonomy    

Vebu has developed, a fully electric, autonomous vehicle that can efficiently execute a number of important tasks on airport runways, taxiways, aprons, and hangars.

Meet the future of Airways. was designed and built to transform the way airfields detect and retrieve FOD, maintain runways, transport equipment, and help keep operations running smoothly.

Modernizing Airfield Operations

Vebu worked closely with aerospace leaders in both government and commercial sectors to build a mobile system that surveys, connects and executes airport operations.

Obstacle Avoidance

Developed with a strong focus on safety, houses a 360 degree robust safety perimeter for detection and avoidance.

Autonomy pipeline's tech stack includes state-of-the-art localization, perception, navigation, and planning functionality.

3rd Party integrations

With a scalable mission control platform and minimal operational setup, the vehicle is perfect for third-party utilization.

Airways are still tethered to antiquated manual systems.

It's time to change the game.

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An expensive problem we're solving

Vebu's novel robotic system is projected to create big savings in areas like FOD (foreign object debris) detection and retrieval - a currently manual process.


Annual global cost estimate of FOD by the US Department of Transportation as of May 2023.


Indirect costs from delays and cancellations are 10-12x more costly than direct costs.

$370m annually

FOD cost at the top 10 US Airports alone.

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